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Motor Vehicle Accident

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A recent Forbes Advisor survey shows that Colorado ranks Number 3 in the United States for aggressive drivers. Motor Vehicle Accidents cause more than just property damage to your vehicle; they cause bodily injuries, emotional distress, and can lead to financial devastation. Trust the award-winning attorneys at Nelson Law Firm to provide personal representation tailored to your specific injuries and losses, and to get the medical and financial experts necessary to quantify and testify to your injuries and losses.

The personal injury attorneys at Nelson Law Firm are dedicated to guiding our clients through the challenging times following a motor vehicle accident or other injury caused through no fault of their own. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients for their personal injuries, damages, and losses, and strive to recover a fair settlement for our clients prior to litigation. However, we are seasoned trial attorneys who will take your case to trial if necessary - and insurance companies know this.

When you are injured, it is important that you take immediate action to preserve your claim and know your rights. Don't let an insurance company convince you they know your rights or what your case is worth. The insurance company does not usually have your best interest in mind.

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Types of Motor Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle:
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Ride-Share Accidents
  • Product Defects Involving Motor Vehicles

  • Investigating the circumstances surrounding your injury and claim.
  • Obtaining and preserving all evidence supporting your case.
  • Navigating the insurance claim process on your behalf.
  • Helping to make sure you get the proper medical care and treatment.
  • Hiring the right experts to help your case.
  • Gathering evidence of your injuries, damages, and losses, including past and future medical expenses, wage loss, loss of earning capacity, and all out-of-pocket expenses relating to your injury.

  • Seek medical attention.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company.
  • Take photographs and preserve evidence.
  • Do not admit fault or discuss liability with anyone.
  • Do not speak to the other party's insurance company or provide a recorded statement prior to consulting with an attorney.
  • Do not sign any paperwork or cash any check without consulting an attorney.
  • Call the attorneys at Nelson Law Firm for your free case analysis.


A statute of limitations is the law that sets the maximum time that an injured party has to initiate legal proceedings or have their claim forever barred. Injury claims are governed by state statutes of limitations, which differ from state to state. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for personal injury actions arising out of motor vehicle accidents is 3 years. The statute of limitations in Colorado for slip-and-fall and general premises liability actions is 2 years. It is important to have your claim assessed by a knowledgeable attorney as soon as practicable so your case can be properly worked up prior to any statute of limitations.


What you are entitled to recover will depend on a number of issues, such as what your injuries are, how long your injuries are anticipated to last, whether you have wage loss or will continue to experience wage loss, and the amount of your past and future medical and rehabilitation bills. In addition, you are entitled to pain and suffering damages, which include your emotional distress, your loss of enjoyment of life, and your physical impairment including scarring and disfigurement.

Hiring an attorney will maximize your recovery of both economic and pain and suffering damages. A study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) shows that, on average, payouts were much higher when the injured party retained an attorney. And, at Nelson Law Firm, we handle claims on a contingent fee basis, which means you only pay us when we recover money for you.


Recovery of $75,000.00 for a client injured in a T-bone collision.

Recovery of $60,000.00 for a client injured at a sporting goods store.

Recovery of $60,000.00 for a client injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Recovery of full insurance policy limits for client injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Recovery of $150,000.00 for client injured when a vehicle rolled over his foot.

Recovery of $400,000.00 for a client injured from a slip and fall at a grocery store.

Recovery of over $2 million for a client who sustained a burn injury.

Recovery of $105,000.00 for a client injured in a slip and fall.

Recovery of $40,000.00 for a client injured in a read end collision.

Recovery of $170,000.00 for a client injured in a slip and fall at a restaurant.

Recovery of $150,000.00 for a client injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Melissa J. Hessler

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney